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The Owners

Tyler V. Hobbs

Tyler V. Hobbs

Tyler is an Arizona native with 18 years of experience in the home service industry. Tyler holds the coveted Master Water Restorer Certification from the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). In 2008, he started a local flood restoration company that quickly grew into a large share of the Arizona market and then expanded into the Colorado and Texas markets. Shortly after the expansion, his company was acquired by a regional/national firm, and since then he has consulted for local flood restoration companies. Tyler is also AIMC 3D Matterport certified – offering 3D Property scanning services to the real estate and flood restoration industries.

In 2022, Tyler started Lock & Leave Home Watch with his partner and is excited to utilize his experience in flood restoration for the benefit of his clients. He understands how costly mold or similar damage can be and how to identify and mitigate potential issues. He lives in Queen Creek, Arizona with his lovely wife Jessica and his adorable daughter Hazel.

Jessica L Hobbs

Jessica L Hobbs

Jessica has spent much of her life in Arizona’s East Valley. Prior to Arizona her family came from the tip of the thumb in Michigan (if you are from Michigan that reference will make sense). She has a Master in Business Administration degree and uses her education and background to help local businesses with their bookkeeping, human resources, and administrative duties.  She has a background in exterior hardscapes and pool building where she spent close to a decade watching backyard paradises come to life.

In 2022, Jessica joined Lock & Leave Home Watch with her husband. She hopes to bring her knowledge in the home building and backyard design to her clients. Her careers have allowed her to build relationship and connections with many local businesses. When she isn’t working she spends her time being Tyler’s wife and support system and raising a very active daughter, Hazel.

Tyler and Jessica were married in 2014 and welcomed a beautiful daughter in 2020. Although they have diverse career backgrounds, they can both agree that home care can be a full-time job. There is a need to alleviate the burden for homeowners to rely upon uninsured and non-licensed individuals to be responsible for the care of their home for weeks or months at a time. Increasing the risk of damage to the home at the homeowner’s expense. They look forward to relieving the homeowner of any worries as their home will be in our care.

The Growing Demand for Home Watch Services

Tyler and Jessica recognize that the demographics of homeowners are changing, which constitutes the main drivers of demand. The demographics are heavily influenced by two different groups: Baby Boomers and Millennials.

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers, typically born between 1946 and 1964, account for about 70 million people. Nearly all Baby Boomers are expected to retire by 2030. It is also anticipated that as newly minted retirees, most of them will travel and/or spend time in a second home, requiring the services of a Home Watch Professional.


Millennials, typically born between 1981 and 1996, account for about 73 million people. This demographic grew up as the internet emerged and created new companies, careers, and products. About 50% of Millennials are homeowners, and most still cite home ownership as an ideal life goal. However, most Millennials have careers that are demanding on their time and are not as able or willing to perform home maintenance as the generations before them. It is anticipated that in favor of valuing their time away from their career and other demands, they will seek out the services of a Home Watch Professional.

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